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SealCity of Beaumont, CA
550 East 6th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223
Centennial Time Traveler

`Time Traveler’ takes the ride of his life

Cartoons can make us chuckle, see things differently and expand our horizons.

With that in mind, the city of Beaumont is presenting a cartoon strip that takes a humorous, but thoughtful look at incorporation in 1912. We hope “Time Traveler” will tickle your funny bone and get you to thinking about how far we’ve come as a city.

Here’s a quick introduction …

The future of Beaumont hangs in the balance as townsfolk debate what lies ahead. Locals have already turned down cityhood twice before, so there is a lot of excitement and wondering too, about whether this will be the vote that changes Beaumont’s history, or will it mean the city never gets the chance to determine its own fate!

As the incorporation election of 1912 looms, locals gather to talk about the fate of their community on street corners and in barbershops, and in this case, the general store. Here, a town constable, and a young farmer will soon join hundreds of others in casting their votes. But just before the first votes are cast, the young farmer finds himself cast upon a journey that opens his eyes and his heart to a world and a community he never fathomed.

So let’s tag along, then, as the farmer takes the ride of his life—a ride that gives the cowboy, and us, a glimpse into a hundred years of history that made Beaumont the great hometown it is today!

 comic (Small).jpg

*To see a larger version, click on the photo