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SealCity of Beaumont, CA
550 East 6th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223
Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Beaumont’s wastewater treatment plant plays its role in the Earth’s “Water Cycle”

High-tech control rooms, big, blue ponds, and 140 miles of underground lines keep up with sewer treatment in Beaumont.

For more than 80 years, the city has been providing a vital, round-the-clock service to residents and businesses.

But there’s also an untold story.

Our wastewater treatment facility is a small but important part of the Earth’s Water Cycle. (See graphic). And every drop that we recycle at our sewer plant helps sustain a precious resource for coming generations in the Pass.

The Water Cycle describes how water is constantly moving on, above and beneath the Earth’s surface. And how for billions of years, water has been changing states, from liquid to vapor to ice and back again.

We, in Beaumont, with the help of our sewer treatment plant, have been beneficiaries of that life-giving cycle.

Long and growing tradition

In 1929, Beaumont built its first treatment plant and located it in the southwestern portion of the city. In 1994, the city replaced the old plant with a new state-of-the-art facility on 15 acres in the very same location along 4th Street. Developer fees paid for most of the plant.

Today, the treatment facility handles 4 million gallons a day. And we hardly notice in a plant where we have come to expect excellence and the highest level of service. The facility, which is operated by a private company for Beaumont, works diligently to uphold the strict state and federal standards for recycled water.

“The pioneers who built this town believed in and knew the value of water,” said Mayor Brian De Forge. “We share that vision today and we are doing our utmost to replenish the Beaumont Basin.”

As we live, work, play and sleep, the tried and true plant keeps humming away in an industrial part of the city. The plant has a modular design that keeps costs down and can be expanded in years to come.

Cutting edge water recycling

Beaumont’s treatment plant uses a seven-step process to turn waste into environmentally safe recycled water and sludge. In 1994, the city was the first to get a permit and use the ultraviolet process —instead of toxic chlorine — to disinfect and recycle water.

By working closely with the plant’s operator and county and state agencies, Beaumont has become a leader in the world of water recycling. Our efforts help the environment and the Beaumont Basin.

— 1.8 million gallons a day are fed into Cooper’s Creek to preserve riparian habitat.

— 700,000 gallons a day are poured into the Basin to replenish water levels.

Future: 8 million gallons a day —enough water to supply 15,000 homes for a year — will be recycled for landscaping and to replenish our groundwater supply.

Beaumont’s recycled water travels down the Santa Ana River and is used by thirsty Southern Californians as it flows toward Orange County and the ocean.

“To Beaumont, water is a `sustainable resource’ that must be constantly replaced and used wisely,” De Forge said. “We are the `water stewards’ for the next generation.”

Looking ahead

We’ve always got an eye on the future of water in the Pass. And so, for years to come, our sewer plant will have enough capacity for new families and new businesses. We’re able to double the capacity of our wastewater treatment plant and create 8 million gallons a day of recycled water —enough to supply the needs of 15,000 homes for a year.

We’re part of a long tradition that knows the value of water and works hard to protect a precious resource, now and in the future, especially at our modern city facilities.

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