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Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses
See below for answers to the most frequently asked questions received from businesses considering relocating to or expanding in the City of Beaumont. Our trained and responsive staff looks forward to answering your specific questions. If you have additional questions or requests, please submit an online Business Assistance Request Form or call the City of Beaumont Business Hotline at 951-769-8518.

Q. How do I start a business in The City of Beaumont?
A. The Business Resource Center offers a wealth of community resources to aid individuals in starting a business. Economic development staff is here to assist you with your business needs. If you need assistance locating a site for your business, navigating through the city process, or need technical information on how to run a business, you can call the City of Beaumont Business Hotline to speak with an economic development representative at 951-769-8518 or use our Business Assistance request form found on the city’s website. We will provide rapid and in-depth issue resolution to your businesses needs.

Q. Where should I locate my business?
A. Economic development and planning staff can assist you in finding an appropriate location for your business operation in the City of Beaumont. View an online search of available sites. When considering a business location, you should also consider zoning regulations. Contact the Planning Department at 951-769-8518 to obtain zoning clearance for your business location.

Q. Who do I contact first?
A. Your first step in opening a business should be to contact the Business Hotline at 951-769-8518. An economic development representative will be happy to assist in providing information about the City process. You will also have to contact the Planning Department, Building and Safety Department, and Finance Department throughout the process.

Q. Does the city have a list of available, vacant properties for commercial and industrial development?
A. Yes, the City of Beaumont has an inventory database of available property for lease and for sale.

Q. I am considering moving my business to City of Beaumont. What services are available to help me evaluate the opportunity?

A. The City of Beaumont Business Resource Center is available to aid companies considering moving their business to Beaumont. When an interested business contacts the Business Resource Center, an economic development representative in association with the business assistance team can assist with everything  from development costs to incentives. The business assistance team is an interdepartmental coordinated effort which guarantees rapid responses for your questions and concerns. We take care of all the groundwork to make working with City of Beaumont a pleasurable experience and to allow your company's development solutions to be simple and cost effective.

Q. Does my type of business activity require special permits / licenses?

A. Special permits and licenses are granted through the Finance Department and/or Planning Department. For information on business licensing, call 951-769-8518. For information on administrative use or conditional use permits, call the Planning Department at 951-769-8518. Staff at the Business Resource Center can also help determine which local, regional, state, and federal licenses and permits you may need for your business operation.

Q. What information is available to help me better understand the city's process and requirements for opening a business?
A. Please refer to the Open for Business Guide and the Guide to Opening a Business Flowchart.

Q. Where can I find demographics for City of Beaumont neighborhoods?

A. More specific information on City of Beaumont neighborhoods can be found online.

Q. Will I need a business tax certificate from the City of Beaumont?
A. Yes, all businesses must obtain a business tax certificate. Contact the Business License Department at 951-769-8520 for detailed information and applications.

Q. Who can I call if I have a comment, question, or suggestion about city services related to my business and its future success in Beaumont?
A. Submit a comment, question, or suggestion using our Business Assistance Request Form on the city's business webpage or call the Business Hotline at 951-769-8518.

Q. Who do I call if I have information concerning a company that is considering moving to City of Beaumont or needs assistance to remain in Beaumont?
A. The city's Public-Private Partnership Program includes a variety of incentives that may be available to companies making investments and/or creating jobs in Beaumont. Contact the Business Hotline at 951-769-8518 for more information.

Q. What items are exempt from needing a building permit?

A. View a list of exempt items from the Building and Safety Department.