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SealCity of Beaumont, CA
550 East 6th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223
Your Government
The City of Beaumont was incorporated on November 18, 1912. It is a "general law" city governed by a city council / city manager form of government.

Beaumont's Organizational chart groups all City Departments into three main "super departments": Public Safety, Community Services, and Administrative Services. Representatives from these three super departments also make up our Quality of Life Team. The Quality of Life Team's goal is to better serve our citizens by effectively working with all departments to accomplish our goals.


Within the City of Beaumont are a multiple special districts such as the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District, Library District, and the Beaumont Cherry Valley Parks and Recreation District. These special districts are separate of the city and have their own governing boards.

Beaumont's Core Values

1. Treat everyone right
2. Keep a customer service focus
3. Effective communication
4. Present opportunity
5. Operate like a great business
6. Eliminate bureaucratic solutions
7. Embrace positive change