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SealCity of Beaumont, CA
550 East 6th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223
The Operations Division is the largest and most visible division of the Beaumont Police Department. It includes the Patrol/Traffic, Detective Bureau, COPPS team, and Animal Control. These highly trained individuals provide a vital link between the community and internal department procedures.

Patrol Division

Patrol officers are responsible for policing Beaumont 24/7, 365 days per year. Patrol officers respond to calls for service, including emergency calls, and are also responsible for initiating contacts with citizens, enforcing criminal laws and traffic violations, training new officers, and attending various community events. In most circumstances, patrol officers handle the initial investigation into crimes and other incidents and conduct follow up investigation as necessary. Each patrol team is supervised by a patrol Watch Commander.

Detective Bureau

The Beaumont Police Department Detective Division is charged with the responsibility of the investigations of felony and misdemeanor crimes occurring within its jurisdiction. The Division is responsible for the identification, apprehension, interrogation, prosecution of offenders, case clearance and the processing of stolen and recovered property. Detectives also investigate non-criminal activity, such as missing persons and juvenile related matters.


The MET team is a valuable resource for our Detective and Patrol divisions, they are utilized to conduct surveillance, serve high-risk search and arrest warrants, search for wanted felons, and collect intelligence regarding drugs, gangs, and other criminal activity. MET often participates in special enforcement programs that target specific or immediate crime trends or problems and work with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.


The primary responsibility is to conduct compliance checks on those individuals who have been released from prison under AB109 to ensure that they are complying with their terms of release.

Riverside County Gang Task Force

The Beaumont Police Department has one detective assigned to the Riverside County Gang Task Force, San Gorgonio Pass Area participating agencies include the
 Riverside Sheriff’s Department, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, Riverside County Probation, Banning Police Department, Beaumont Police Department, California Highway Patrol, State Parole.


Community-oriented policing and problem solving, or COPPS, is a policing philosophy that promotes and supports organizational strategies to address the causes and reduce the fear of crime and social disorder through problem-solving tactics and community-police partnerships. Community policing brings police and citizens together to prevent crime and solve neighborhood problems. With community policing, the emphasis is on stopping crime before it happens, not responding to calls for service after the crime occurs. Community policing gives citizens more control over the quality of life in their community.

Motorcycle Patrol
The primary duties of the Motorcycle Unit are traffic complaint enforcement, high congestion traffic control and enforcement, accident reduction enforcement, escorts, and special event traffic control. Additionally, motorcycle officers respond to dispatched patrol calls as backup and, not infrequently, as primary officers at crime scenes. Because of their mobility, motorcycle officers are frequently the first units to respond to bank alarms, in-progress calls and fires. Escorts, parades, and traffic and crowd control associated with special events are areas that motorcycle officers handle with great efficiency.

Information regarding the State of California laws, rules, and regulations governing gambling can be obtained from the Office of the Attorney General for the State of California Bureau of Gambling Control.

Property Watch
If you are planning on going away for an extended period of time, you can fill out our Property Watch Form and request additional surveillance and patrol of your property in your absence.

Program and Tips

  • "If I were a Thief" Program
  • Police Safety Escort
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Mail Theft
  • 2015 Traffic Safety Challenge
  • Burglary Prevention Guide
  • Facebook - Beaumont Police Department
  • Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs)

  • Animal Control

    The animal control officers promote and protect public safety and animal care through sheltering, education, and animal law enforcement. Our philosophy is to promote responsible pet ownership, compassion toward animals, and safe human-animal interactions. As the agency responsible for animal-related public safety, our mission is achieved through shared community values, including professionalism, responsibility, compassion, commitment, integrity, accountability, and community partnerships.