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550 East 6th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223
Do I need a permit for a yard sale?
Yes. Residents are allowed one yard sale every six months. Sales can be conducted for up to five consecutive days. You must come into City Hall to fill out a yard sale permit. The cost is $5.00. Contact the City of Beaumont at 951.769.8520.

Code Compliance

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1. Do I need a permit for a yard sale?
2. How long can I park my car on the street?
3. How do I report a code violation, including property needing maintenance, illegal dumping or an abandoned vehicle?
4. Who do I contact to report graffiti that needs to be removed?
5. How can I get rid of a junked or inoperable vehicle?
6. Can I park my vehicle on my front yard?
7. How long can my RV, and/or trailer parked on the street?
8. Who maintains the right-of-way including the trees?
9. Can I have a canopy in the front of my house?
10. How can I advertise for my yard sale?
11. What are the restrictions for posting signs, banners and flags?
12. Who do I call for animal control issues?
13. Who do I report West-Nile Virus concerns to?
14. Who do I report dead birds/squirrels suspected of having West Nile Virus?
15. Can I put my trashcans out the night before trash day and how long can they stay on the curbside?
16. Where can I dispose of hazardous waste (batteries, oil, paint)?
17. Who do I call when I have bulky items to dispose of?
18. What are the construction noise work hours?
19. Can I drain my swimming pool water into the gutter?
20. Can I put a portable basketball hoop at the end of my cul-de-sac?
21. Who do I contact to have a shopping cart picked up in my neighborhood?
22. Do I need a permit for an alarm on my home or business?
23. Can I build a Carport in front of my house?